3 Day Right of Rescission

3 Day Right of Rescission3 Day Right of Rescission.

Sometimes called a “Cooling Off Period” for In-House Alarm Security System Sales.

Do you have an alarm system for your home?  When the salesperson sold you the system, did they advise you of your right to cancel the sale within 3 days of signing the contract?This is one of those legal issues, so let me start out with a disclaimer that I am not an attorney, and that the following is not legal advise.  If you have questions, or require advise to make decisions that could affect the status of an alarm contract with your security company, then contact a knowledgable and licensed attorney that is familiar with these matters.  The following is my humble interpretation and understanding from the perspective of an alarm guy that has beeen working in the alarm security industry for over 30 years.

If someone comes to your home and sells you an alarm system, you have 3 business days from the date of the transaction to rescind (change your mind and cancel) the contract without penalty.  Did you know that?  Were you made aware of your rights?  Were you given a separate form that details your rights, and provides you the means to cancel?

Click here to see a sample 3 Day Rescission form.  Check your records.  Did you get one of these?

You may be surprised to find out that you have this right, it is a Federal Law.  You may also be surprised to find out that some alarm companies will not let you know of your rights, because if they tell you, then you might cancel?  If so, then you will REALLY BE INTERESTED to find out that if you were NOT explained your rights and NOT given the proper forms, then your 3 day right to cancel NEVER STARTED!!!

If the alarm company failed to comply with this Federal Law and didn’t notify you of your rights, then you can cancel your contract, regardless of the time since installation; you may still be pending installation, or had your system installed for 20 years.  You could demand that they remove the system, refund you all payments, and restore the house to pre-installation condition.

Be aware of the flip side of this law; if you ARE provided with a 3 Day Rescission form, then AFTER the 3 days, the alarm company has the right to enforce the contract, even if the system is still pending installation.  For example, if you sign a contract on Monday, with installation scheduled for the following Monday, but want to cancel on the Friday after sign-up; it’s too late!!!  The law “cuts both ways”.  The first 3 days protects you, after that, it protects the company.

Again, I’m an alarm guy, not a lawyer.  If you feel that your rights were violated, seek proper legal council, and then find an alarm company that follows the law!!

Mark Plischke
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