Copper Theft Leaves Us in the Dark

Copper Theft is Rampant!

Have you driven down the highway lately and notice the street lights out for miles?

Chances are that you are witnessing the results of copper thieves.  Copper thieves are indiscriminate.  They steal from all of us.  The State has to pay thousands of dollars to repair the damaged lighting system, while the perpetrator makes off with a few dollars of recyclables.  It is not limited to the highway street lights, small and large businesses open in the morning to find their air conditioning compressors vandalized or missing.  Churches and homeowners find their copper rain gutters stolen.  Our taxes and cost of goods go up because we have to cover these unnecessary repair costs.

There has also been several deaths recently, where people that were in the act of stealing copper were electrocuted in the commission of the crime (yes, they will try to steal the copper when the line is still energized!!)

There is also the safety issue that thousands of our residents are driving on dark roads because the street lights are out.

The cost to society is unacceptable.  Police are very aware of the problems, but have been able to do very little to stop this crisis.

A similar problem was happening a few years with Pawn Shops.  They were being used to fence stolen property.  Laws were written to curb this activity by requiring identification, documentation, and accountability on behalf of the Pawn Brokers.  Today, Pawn Shops have a clean reputation and have a positive influence on stopping the sale of stolen property.  We need to do the same kind of thing with the scrap-metal dealers.  It is time for us to contact our Legislatures to demand for them to enact laws requiring recycling centers to verify identification, maintain documentation, and be accountable for accepting obviously stolen material from questionable clientele.  We did it with Pawn Shops.  Let’s do it with scrap metal dealers.

If you have a home or business in Hawaii and are concerned about copper theft, call our expert staff of security professionals, and we can help you with your security needs.

Mark Plischke
Aloha Alarm
Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii


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