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Watch the U.S. Debt Grow!

Visit and watch our debt increase before your eyes.Pay attention to the “U.S. National Debt” which, at the time of this post is $16,840,376,981,123 (16 Trillion, 840 Billion Dollars).  This is the current amount of our ‘funded’ debt.  This amount is concerning because this is what is currently accruing interest.  While you are reading this post, compare the debt as of 5/7/13, and see how much it has grown!

Also of great concern is the “U.S. Unfunded Liabilities”.  At $123,867,203,376,456 (123 Trillion Dollars) this represents the amount spent AND the amount of monies promised but not spent yet (includes Social Security, Medicare, and Pension Plans).
The numbers are staggering.

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