Dogs, Cameras, Alarms-Great Combination

Dogs, Camera & Alarms

Dogs, Camera & AlarmsDogs are good Security.Cameras are good Security.
Alarms are good Security.

All Three are Awesome Security.

We often talk about how effective dogs can be at alerting you of someone on your property.  We have also mentioned that having a dog will not always stop a determined criminal.  As gruesome as it may sound, professional burglars know how to eliminate your dog as a threat to their livelihood.

Likewise, CCTV Surveillance Cameras do a good job at documenting incidents, but are of little deterrence to actually stopping a crime from happening.

To be frank, electronic security alarm systems don’t always “fill the bill” as being the only security measure needed to rest assured that you won’t become a victim of a home intrusion.

Lets face it, burglars are becoming smarter.  They are figuring out ways to get around the basic alarm system.  Granted, they do a good job against the average, inexperienced, drug-fueled bad guy, but is that enough?

The combination of dogs, cameras, and modern security alarm systems can make your home security package complete.  Think like a burglar for a second, can you picture how much more difficult it would be to break in to a house that has this kind of layered security?

Get a professional consultation.  Find out what types of security are available and practical for your home.  Call Aloha Alarm at 808-488-4111.  We will help to make you an informed shopper.

Mark Plischke
Aloha Alarm LLC
Electronic Security Systems
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