False Alarms from Smoke Detectors

Fireworks can cause Smoke Detectors to False AlarmFalse Alarms from Smoke Detectors.

Will my smoke detectors trip from fireworks?  What should I do?

In a previous post Types of Smoke Detectors, I went through the major types of smoke detectors used in home alarm systems.  Since New Years is around the corner, I want to focus on the likelihood of your monitored smoke detectors installed onto your home security alarm system causing false alarms and possible dispatch of the fire department.The bottom line is that if you live in a location that celebrates the New Year or the 4th of July with fireworks, like we do in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, then you WILL have the chance of a false alarm activation of your smoke detectors.

First, there is no safe and practical way to disable the smoke alarms.  Equipment manufacturers do not allow for bypassing of the smoke detectors.  I content that you shouldn’t do it anyway.  There is too great a chance that an errant arial firework land on your roof and cause a home fire.  Wouldn’t you feel terrible if you were to tamper or disable the smoke system, only to return home after the party to find your street blocked of by fire engines with a company of fire fighters trying to put out the fire at YOUR HOUSE.

Firecrackers can cause Smoke Detectors Alarms

If you HAVE TO do something, consider calling your moitoring station and asking them to “put your system on test” for a few hours.  They can specify it to only include the smoke detectors.  Again, NOT A GOOD IDEA, but better than tampering with your system in some fashion.  Again, DON’T DO IT!!  DON’T DO IT!!  DON’T DO IT!!  Probably an even better idea would be to instruct the station to call your cell first and ask your direction as to dispatch or not.  But make the judgement for yourself.  Will you be able to know if a fire is occuring?  Do you need the fire department.

My best recommendation is to DO NOTHING.  Let the alarm system do it’s thing.  It’s alot easier to blame a false alarm on fireworks then it is to explain to the insurance adjustor why you defeated the fire alarm detectors.

Be safe.  Enjoy your friends and family.  Drink responsibly.  Enjoy yourselves.  See you next year.

Mark Plischke
Fire Alarms & Smoke Detectors
Aloha Alarm LLC
Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii



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