Garage Door Emergency Release Cord

Garage Door Emergency Release CordSafety Tip:  Garage Door Emergency Release Cord.

The Garage Door Emergency Release Cord is a simple, quick, and favorite technique for burglars.

Take a look at the picture.  Recognize it?  Have one in your garage?  Do you know what it is for?  Yes, it is the emergency release cord for the automatic garage door opener.  If you lose electricity to the garage door opener, you can pull on the cord to release the door opening mechanism and manually open the garage door.  Do you know how easy it is for a burglar to take advantage of this cord to open your garage door?

All that is needed is a wire coat hanger.  Bend the coat hanger into a hook.  From the outside, push on the top center of the door.  It will flex and cause a gap between the door and the frame.  Insert the clothes hanger, and hook the handle that is dangling at the end of the release cord, pull sharply, and voila, the opener is released and your door can be lifted open.

Do you know how easy it is to eliminate this from being exploited by the bad guys?  Cut the cord at about 12-18″ long, and DO NOT put a knot or reattach the handle.  Just leave the cord dangling.  Now if there is a power outage, just pull on the cord like you normally would, but without the handle.  The burglars can’t use the coat hanger trick any more.

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