Lock Bumping & Bump Keys

Lock BumpingLock Bumping & Bump Keys

Burglars use Bump Keys Successfully on 90% of Locks.

Have you heard about the newest (and easiest) ways that burglars are getting into homes?It’s called Lock Bumping.  Criminals can make or purchase special keys, called Bump Keys.  With little more than a Bump Key, a screw driver or hammer, and 15 seconds, thieves can make enter into over 90% of houses.

These special keys are easily available thru the internet.  They have been used by legitimate locksmits for years, but recently, criminals have discovered this method, and it is quickly becoming the technique of choice; quiet, easy, and discrete. Gone are the days of climing in thru windows, cutting holes in walls, or kicking in doors.

Click Here to watch a Report on Lock Bumping

Click Here to watch a Report on Lock Bumping

Information on “How To” is easily available.  The burglars know about it.  You need to know about it too.

How do you defend yourself against it?

Upgrade to better locks that are “Bump Proof”.

Be vigilant about strangers in the neighborhood.

Get guard pets.

Make sure your house is well lit.

And of course, get a home security alarm system.

Mark Plischke
Aloha Alarm
Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii



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