Moving? HPD Alarm Permit

HPD Alarm PermitI’m Moving.
Do I Need a New Alarm Permit?

Can I just notify HPD to transfer my existing Alarm Permit to my new location?

Short answer:  YES!  You need a new permit.

In Honolulu County (Oahu, Hawaii), you need to maintain a valid alarm permit in order to operate a burglary or holdup/panic alarm system.  See the related post Do I Need a Permit for my Home Security Alarm System.

These permits are registered to the address on file.  HPD does NOT allow you to change the address for an existing alarm permit.  Rather, you have to cancel the current permit and reapply for a new permit for your new location.

Remember that you ARE NOT ALLOWED operate your alarm system until the permit is received and registered in the police department’s computer system.  Violations of this ordnance can result in a progressively increasing fine, starting at $100.

Click here for a copy of the HPD Alarm Permit.

If you have additional questions, you can call the HPD Alarm Permitting office at 523-8444.

Mark Plischke
Aloha Alarm LLC

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