Multiple Alarm User Codes

Alarm Keypad CodeMost Alarm Systems allow for Multiple User Codes.

Give each family member or worker their own alarm code.

Did you know that your alarm system probably has the ability to give different arm/disarm codes for each user?Yes, not only can you have a Master Code for the main person, but individual codes for everyone else.  You can also have hostage codes, that when used, send a silent holdup signal.  Most systems even have a 1-time use code.  Give it to a contractor or babysitter, and they can only use it once to arm/disarm the house.

Alarm Codes
Most alarm systems come out of the box with a single default alarm code.  If your alarm system’s code is still ‘1234’,  stop everything else now!  Change your alarm code.  The burglars will likely go to your keypad and try ‘1234’.  Change it NOW!

Alarm Code Schemes
Each alarm manufacturer uses it’s own scheme or strategy for setting up codes.  Honeywell VISTA and Lynx panels, for example, have a Master Code, many User Codes, Duress Codes, and 1-time use codes.

Master Code
The main person uses the Master Code, it can arm/disarm the system, add/delete other user codes, and perform many reset and management functions.

Honeywell LynxUser Codes
The Master can issue User Codes to everyone else.  User codes can typically arm/disarm the system, but not perform many advanced features.   This is the typical type of code that all ‘regular’ users will be assigned.

Hostage Codes
A Hostage Code is a special code that will arn/disarm the system like everything is okay, but sends a special panic code to the monitoring station that immediate help is required.  For example, the intruder holds a gun to your head and commands, “Turn it off or I’ll blow you away”.  Use the hostage code.

One Time Codes
One time codes are given to temporary users like babysitters, contractors, or neighbors.  For example, if you are going out on a trip, and you give a key to your neighbor for emergencies only.  If he goes in, his code will disarm then arm the system ONCE.  Pretty cool, yeah!

Be mindful that every alarm manufacturer has their own scheme, some may not have all of the listed features.  Some may have additional choices.  Not all features are activated by your installing alarm company.  Also, some features, like the hostage code, will not work without monitoring services and monthly fees.  If you are not sure, or want to learn more, call your alarm company.

Mark Plischke
Aloha Alarm


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