Pepper Spray for Self Defense

Pepper Spray as an Effective Security Tool.

Pepper Spray is a valuable tool in your Home Security arsenal.

In Self Defense, there are a couple of rules to follow.  1) Don’t be the one to start a fight.  2) If you can safely retreat, do it.  3) Use only a level of force appropriate to stop the threat.  4) Have choices in your response to a threat.  5) If you don’t have a choice, then fight to win.

Disclaimer:  Pepper Spray may not be legal in your area.  Be aware of local laws regarding posession, strength, and use of pepper spray in your jurisdiction.

Pepper Spray is also known as OC Spray.  OC stands for Oleoresin Capsicum.  It is the active ingredient in peppers, and causes a burning sensation, swelling, tearing, and difficulty breathing if gotten it in the eyes, mucous membranes (mouth, nose, sinuses), or sensitive skin.  It is generally considered a effective “less than leathal” self defense item.  It is also considered effective on persons that are intoxicated and impared via alcohol or drugs.

It is generally a viable choice for self defense from attack by both 2 or 4 legged threats.  Not only is it a defense choice by the Police and other law enforcement; even the Postal Carriers have it to protect them from dogs.

Pepper Spray strength is measured by % of OC and SHU strength.  Some jurisdictions regulate the % of OC strength.  Typical strengths range from 2% to 20%.  SHU stands for Scoville Heat Units and is an indicator of how much it will burn.  The most effective sprays will have a high SHU rating.  When choosing sprays, don’t be too concerned with the % of OC.  It’s more important to get a spray with a high SHU rating.  I personally use FoxLabs FIVE POINT THREE, which as a rating of 5.3 million SHU OC resin. See their website for more details and options at

Protecting your home and family is more than any 1 item.  A quality monitored home security alarm system is a valuable tool, but it is not the “be all, end all” in a comprehensive safety and security package.  Pepper Spray is a handy and effective tool in your security plan.

Mark Plischke
Aloha Alarm LLC
Monitored Home Security Alarm Systems
Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii



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  3. Richard Henry Says:

    We are presently seeking dealers to handle our unique alarm system. This alarm device is completely different from regular alarms because this device emits pepper spray into the air of the protected area. The potent pepper formula will force the “would be” robbers to flee the area IMMEDIATELY. Should you be interested in becoming a authorized dealer please contact me directly at
    Thank you for your time.