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24/7 UL Listed Central Station Monitoring Centers

Aloha Alarm monitors home security systems via a nationwide network of linked redundant Central Station monitoring centers.

Business & Home Alarm Monitoring
Home Security Alarm Systems
Dispatch Police, Fire, Ambulance

Aloha Alarm LLC
Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii


Business & Home Alarm Monitoring. We monitor your home alarm security system via a nationwide network of linked redundant monitoring stations.

Aloha Alarm LLC monitors and supervises security systems with our nationwide linked network of 24/7 UL-listed central alarm monitoring stations.  Whether you are at home, work, or vacation, we are ready to respond.

For ultimate peace-of-mind, whether you are at home or away, whether it is day or night, Aloha Alarm LLC is ready to send the police, fire, ambulance at any time, with our professional alarm monitoring stations.

Our central station is UL and FM listed. We are also networked between five different states across the country to provide the ultimate in back-up and redundancy.  Unlike single-station facilities, if storms or other disasters strike one site, the others remain staffed and functional.  Redundant communication, uninterruptable power supplies, and a fully synchronized and backed-up computer network, we maintain operational status when others are left in the dark.

These stations provide round the clock trained professional staff, ready to assist you with any emergency situation.

This service will typically result in a 15-20% discount on your home-owner insurance.

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