Alarm Takeovers

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Alarm Takeovers

Aloha Alarm LLC
Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii


Trouble with your current alarm company?
Are they too slow to respond?
Are you paying too much?
Do they keep raising their rates?
Have you been thinking about switching?

There are several questions that you will want to have answered first:

1)  Is your current security system working good? Is it difficult to use? Does it cause false alarms?
If you are having problems with your existing equipment, switching alarm companies won’t necessarily fix the problem.  Let the new company know of any issues or problems that you are having with your existing system, so that we can decide the right course of action to fix it.

2)  Is your alarm system outdated?
Sometimes we use existing systems as-is.  Sometimes we suggest upgrades.  Sometimes you wants new features like cellular communication, arming via SmartPhone, or text messaging when family members make it home safely.  We ALWAYS do what is in YOUR best interest.

3)  Is your current home security alarm system LEASED or OWNED?
Although most alarm company SELL their alarm equipment to the customer, there are some companies that retain ownership of the alarm equipment, and LEASE the system to you.  The problem with a LEASE is that you DO NOT own the equipment, and the old alarm company will want their equipment back (even if the equipment is 20 years old and non-functional).  It’s their way to “lock you in”.

4)  How much time do you have left on your existing contract?
Quite often, the homeowner thinks that they are not under contract any more, then find that their contract automatically renewed for 5 more years!  If you don’t have a copy of your contract, ask your old alarm company for a copy.  Don’t be surprised if they are reluctant and stall in providing it to you.  Again it’s their way to keep your business.

5)  Is your alarm equipment proprietary?
Proprietary equipment means that only certain alarm companies that are authorized dealers of a given brand, are able to service that brand.  Most quality companies use alarm equipment that is serviceable by other companies.  Some companies like to use proprietary equipment because it makes it more difficult and more expensive to switch.  You find out after your are dissatisfied, that it might be too expensive to switch.  Another way to keep you as a customer.

Aloha Alarm &Titus Napoleon can help you switch alarm companies

Titus Napoleon, Takeover Expert

6)  Is the new alarm company familiar with your existing alarm equipment?
It is surprisingly technical and difficult to take over existing alarm equipment.  The new company must know how to program the equipment.  Quite often the homeowner doesn’t have the original installation and programming manuals.  Quite often you won’t be give the installer’s programming code.  Sometimes, the equipment is obsolete.  You need an expert to guide you through the takeover.

Call Aloha Alarm and ask for Titus Napoleon.  Titus is a “Takeover Expert”.  He will be able to assess your current system, plan a course of action, provide a surprisingly competitive quote, and guide you through the process of switching your service to Aloha Alarm.  We are experienced in ALL popular brands of alarm equipment (and many of the less commonly used brands too).  In most cases we can provide you with BETTER service and a LOWER monthly cost.



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