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Medical Alert Alarm System with Wireless Emergency Pendant Key Fob Button

Personal Medical Alert Alarms provide independence and maintain quality of life for senior parents.  Help is always within reach with the push of a wireless emergency pendant.

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Personal Senior Medical Alarm Systems

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Personal Senior Medical Alert Alarms Emergency Pendant. Provide independence and maintain quality of life for our Kupuna.

Protect your elderly parents and family with Personal Senior Medical Alert Alarm Emergency Pendant Systems.  Call for help due to falls, accidents and medical emergencies.

Help your Senior Parents keep their independence and quality of life with a medical alert alarm system.

With a portable emergency pendant transmitter that can be worn on your wrist, your belt, or your neck, these small and attractive pendants are your direct life line to help in case of an emergency.  Help is as close as the push of a button.

Stay connected
Your medical alert alarm system is hooked directly to a 24 hour monitoring facility. These highly trained dispatchers will contact your loved ones, relatives, neighbors, doctor, or ambulance to get you the help you need immediately.

As simple as pushing an emergency pendant button:

  • Independence for senior parents, peace-of-mind for the family.
  • Get help during falls, accidents, and medical alert emergencies.
  • Small, attractive, easy to wear.
  • Help is only a push of a button with a 2-way voice communication pendant.
  • Call relatives, neighbors, ambulance, doctor, or hospital.
  • Advanced network of secure 24 hour UL monitoring stations, professionally staffed by trained monitoring dispatchers.

Emergency Call Notification via Family, Neighbors, or AmbulanceImage the peace of mind knowing that your aging parent is safe throughout the day.  If the unthinkable occurs, they can summon emergency help with the simple push of a button.

Help your ku’puna maintain the style of life that they deserve.  Help them take control of their life and independence by taking advantage of a personal emergency medical alert response systems.

Senior discounts and financing are available for your PERS medical panic alert response pendant system.

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