Should I Get an Extra Keypad?

Honeywell Lynx Touch L5100 Security Alarm Control Panel

Should I Get that Extra Keypad?

The salesperson suggested an extra keypad.  Why should I spend more?

If you have recently been shopping for a home security alarm system, you have probably been offered additional equipment; windows contacted, smoke detectors, glass break sensors, wireless keyfobs, extra keypads.  As a security installing company in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, we often suggest upgrades.  We want to be sure that your needs and concerns are met.  Often, a homeowner wants smoke detectors, but not windows contacted; others want that full perimeter coverage, but not keyfobs. Personally, I like having an additional keypad in my bedroom.  Why is that important to me?

First, let me say that if the sales consultant DOESN’T suggest extras and upgrades, be aware that he is only interested in making a QUICK SALE, and NOT in providing you with the best protection package suitable to your needs.  Alarm companies are often pressured into selling as many SMALL systems as possible because they can do the installs quicker, therefore being able to install more SMALL systems and accumulating more monitored alarm accounts rather than getting bogged down with a large installation.  Shame on those companies that rather sell 3 doors and a motion instead of offering you a system that is custom designed to your needs.

I like an extra keypad in the bedroom.  The keypad not only allows for convenient arming/disarming, but also has the chime feature, duress code, and panic keys at arm’s length.  If one of my family members disarms the alarm and then opens the door, I hear the activity at my bedroom keypad.  When the last family member gets home, it announces their arrival.

The duress and panic keys are really comforting.  If I hear something outside or feel some other threat, I can activate the panic alarms from the bedroom.  Likewise, If a fire starts, I can press the fire panic, and in one action, it notifies everyone in the house to evacuate and calls for the fire department.

Be aware that the cost of this piece of equipment is often more expensive than the cost of the alarm control panel, especially if you are purchasing one of the high-end touch screen keypad units, but the advantages of having the chime and panic functions available at arms reach are worth the extra cost.  Also note, that additional keypads should only be a one-time charge, and won’t increase your monthly fees.

Mark Plischke
Aloha Alarm
Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

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