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Mike Kelley, Security Expert. Aloha Alarm Honolulu, Oahu, HawaiiMeet Team Aloha!
Mike Kelley

Aloha Alarm LLC
Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

I was born in Washington State more years ago than I care to remember!  I moved to Hawaii in 1973, and graduated from St. Anthony High School on Maui.  I did many things before working for Aloha Alarm, including being a massage therapist, selling real estate, working in retail management, and working as a head waiter at a five star hotel.  I have two sisters living on Maui, and a lot of relatives living in Kentucky.  I enjoy reading, watching movies and going on-line with my computer.  I never was one for group sports, but I do like the martial arts (although it has been many years since I’ve practiced). 

I have worked with Mark (the owner of Aloha Alarm) in the security industry for 14 years now.  I am responsible for maintaining high quality customer service while designing affordable business and residential security systems, such as alarm systems, camera, or access systems.  I also (along with my co-workers) am responsible for answering the company phones after hours to ensure that anyone who needs help or has a question will never have to wait, even if it’s a holliday or at 3 in the morning!  If any of my clients needs additional training after an installation I am responsible for answering their questions, or re-training them on-site, free of charge. 

Why choose Aloha Alarm?  After being in this industry for as long as I have, I place a great deal of importance on the quality of equipment used in protecting businesses and residences, and I am happy that Aloha Alarm offers state of the art technology.  To me though, the company service behind what ever type of equipment being used for protection is just as important as the quality of what is installed, maybe more so when I really think about it.  You could have the highest standard of security equipment installed, but if the installing company is not all that concerned when you have a question or need help in some other way, or if they are slow to service the equipment if there is a maintenance issue, then in my opinion the ball has definitely been dropped, and unfortunately the customer is now in a situation where they are not as well protected as they should be.  It is very important for me to know that when I promise a potential client the very best possible service that they will get it.  Aloha Alarm offers the best service that I have ever seen in any security company, and in my opinion that is the most important reason why anyone should choose Aloha Alarm.  Service is definitely king!

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