What if I trip my alarm by mistake?

What do I do if I trip my alarm?

What do I do if I trip my alarm?Canceling False Alarms

What do I do if I trip my alarm by accident?

If you trip your alarm by mistake, it is important that you immediately call the Monitoring Station, advise them that you tripped the alarm, and request that they disregard the alarm signal. Be prepared to provide them with your name, address, home phone number, account number, and code word (the secret word you previously set up, so that they can confirm that you belong in the home).

Don’t wait for the monitoring station to call you.  Be pro-active and CALL THEM.  There are situations where the alarm system will tie up your phone line, and the station will not be able to call you.  If you don’t call them, it could result in a false police dispatch, and unwanted false alarm fines.  It is recommended that you call the station using your cell phone.  This keeps your home phone free, and causes less of a chance that the alarm will interfere with the phone attempt.

If you are unsure of exact procedures with your alarm company, call them to discuss steps and recommendations.

Remember, false police response waste resources, cost money, and take the police away from actual crimes.  Do your part!

Mark Plischke
Aloha Alarm LLC
Honolulu, Hawaii

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